Language Training in Companies:
Why, When, Who and How?

The 2nd LANGUAGES & BUSINESS Forum, which is part of the largest global conference on technology-supported learning and training for the corporate, education and public service sectors (ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN), took place on December 3rd, 2014, at the Hotel InterContinental in Berlin.

The Forum welcomed language training professionals and industry experts, who under the theme "Language Training in Companies: Why, When, Who and How?" discussed issues such as the amount and level of language training that should be provided by companies. Expert speakers and participants assessed the methodologies (both pedagogical and technical) that should be used, the optimal timing and time period over which such training should take place, and which stakeholders should benefit from this training.

The Forum was also the perfect venue for participants to discuss and exchange best practice experiences.

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Language and Perception: How does it Affect People’s Perception of Cannabis?

2nd October 2018 Perception of Cannabis

CBD and CBD oil are now commonly used by many people as part of their supplements, homoeopathy, and prescribed medicine. However, there are still some people who are opposed to their use as a medicine for various diseases and neurological disorders. They believe that these are considered illegal substances. But unlike other marijuana strains, however, CBD only contains a maximum of 0.3 of the THC found in illegal marijuana. This wrong perception of CBD can be explained. Language is the key to making people understand how CBD and CBD oil is important in the field of medicine.

Why is language important in explaining CBD and CBD Oil?

One of the reasons why we get the wrong impression of a word is because we only express it based on our perception of the word. In this way, we are influencing others to have the same perception.  Language can vary in different ways. The language also varies from one place to another. On the other hand, culture can also affect how the language is said and how it is encoded into the mind of the speaker. It is also believed that learning a new linguistic system can influence the mind of the speaker. However, for cognitive scientists, learning a new language is learning a new way of thinking. How, then, do these ideas relate to learning about Cannabis?

How does language relate to cannabis?

Given the current situation towards the legalization of cannabis, language plays a vital role in how it should be discussed and presented to the public. Culturally, cannabis is considered an illegal substance in many countries. Many people fail to see that cannabis can also be used as a medicine for certain neurological disorders. Cannabis can also be used to help people who are having issues with sleeping, metabolism, and keeping themselves alert if needed.

Many people believe that marijuana is more harmful than helpful. These people still continue to label people who are using marijuana as a lost cause. However, this perception has been proven to be wrong. In fact, many athletes are now using CBD and CBD oil as part of their regimen.

How to remove the negative stigma on marijuana

The only way that we can change the negative stigma of marijuana is by changing how we talk about it. Some people may still doubt it, but medical marijuana had been used as a supplement and medicine. To remove the stigma, medical practitioners should talk about it in a more transparent way. In this way, people can see what the good parts and the bad parts of it are. Also,  people can now slowly talk about it in the open without any biases.

The misconception on CBD and CBD oil continues even up to this day. Despite the good that it brings to our health some people still perceive them as harmful. Language plays an important role in introducing these medicines to the public. It is very important that we discuss these supplements without any biases.

How to Start Your Own Online Language School

1st October 2017 Online Language School

In a more globalized world, people are eager to close the gap and make a connection with those from different geographical locations. Thus, more and more people are getting interested in learning a new language.

Online language schools have swept the market. If you are interested in building one yourself, here are some useful tips and guidelines you can use:

Research on your target market

You need to be specific about the languages you want to offer in your online language school. With Asians, for instance, English is in demand. However in Melbourne german classes and arabic classes are in high demand. You should do a simple survey or poll on what language your target market wants to learn. You cannot offer many languages at the same time because you are still starting out, so you need to know your focus.

Prepare your tools

Since it is an online language teaching business, you need to prepare your platform. Will you be using your own website or application? Will you settle for Skype for the meantime? It's advisable that you start out by establishing your website. Since students are wary about fraudsters, they need to be able to see proof of your legitimacy. Establish your company image with a compelling website.

Most online language learning happens on Skype, so you can start with creating Skype IDs for your teachers. If want, you can also use other applications.

Plan your lessons

Of course, online schools aren't just about making money. You need to sell your content. Thus, you will need to adapt or create a curriculum that will determine the flow of your lessons. You should assess and cater to different levels of students. Some might enroll with the most basic knowledge while some want advanced lessons. Then, there are those who just like to practice their conversation skills. You should tailor your curriculum to fit the needs of your students.

Hire the right people

Before putting up an online language teaching business, make sure you have teachers properly equipped with the language and teaching skills. They should exude mastery and competence. You can conduct trainings so that you can set a common culture and equip them will all the necessary skills and knowledge.

Advertise your school

Next, you need to use marketing strategies to invite as many students as you can. All your preparations will be wasted if you don't have any student.

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